How to set led notification light in your android mobile.

In this blog I am going to tell you how can you set led notification icon in your android mobile. If you want to know about it you can read this full detailed article.

How to set led notification light in your android mobile.
How to set led notification light in any android device. Andoid device me led notification icon kaise set karen superhero ka.

In this article. I am going to tell you how can you set led notification light in your android mobile

How to set led notification light in Android.


If you want to set led notification light in your mobile. 

Then you have to follow all the steps which are mentioned in this blog. I take gurranty that after reading this full article you can easily set your led notification icon of any superhero/ or the app icon and many more. 

So without wasting more time let's get started. 

First of all you have to download a application. 

what is the name of this application? 

The name of that application is Notifybuddy

why am I telling you about this app? 

I am telling about this app because I also use this app from a long time and this app works very well in my case. Sometime there may be any bug but they are finished very shortly. So i am telling you about this app. 

This is the best app through you can set led notification light on Android phone. 

After installing this app you have to  do some settings. 

You can use this app for free, so you have to see ads to unlock any premium thing. 

So  let's talk about the important settings to apply led notification light. 

First of all you have to give him 2 important permissions. 1) notification permission

2) overlay permission. 

( when you open the app for first time you get a arrow button to go to next page you have to give this permission in 2nd page and then again press arrow for next page.) 

The interface is very simple but there are some difficulties to set icons so please read this full article. 

When you open the  app after giving all permissions. You will get 4 options in downward. 

In 1st option you can choose your installed app. In those you want to set led notification light. 

In 2nd option you will get all system apps. You can also apply led notification light for system apps. 

In 3rd option you can see all of those apps which are choosen by you to set notification icon. 

And the main important things are in 4th options. 

All seetings are in 4th option. Now I am discribing which option is important. It may be possible that some setting are already enabled. 


1 You have to click on enable led light option. 

2 you can set  led animation time and interval. 

3 click on force enable notifybuddy. 

4 enable burn in protection. 

5 you can enable unlock device with fingerprint. If supported. 

6 if you want that the notification icon is the icon of app through which you get the notification then you can enable  show app icon as led. 

7 Now you have to choose the possition and size of the icon by clicking on the option possition and size. 

8 Now click on led shape. 

From here you have to choose a icon for notification which is a led notification light. You can also choose iron man logo as your notification icon.

Now your led notification icon  is successful set. 

You can also watch this video. In this video j am telling you full set up in hindi so if you know hindi then you can watch it and do all steps very easily. 

There is a option which is test through which you can test how does it appear when any notification comes. 

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