How to set signature lock in your Android mobile. Guesture lock app.

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How to set signature lock in your Android mobile. Guesture lock app.
How do I put signature lock on my lock screen.


How to set signature lock in your any Android phone.

if you are also finding a best trick to use signature lock then you are at the right place. Because in this article I am going to say you how can you set signature / guesture lock in your Android phone. 

 so without wasting more time let's get started. 

I am going to tell you two methods in this blog. 

If the first method does not work then you can go with 2nd method. 

1st method. 

You can also watch the video in which I am telling you how can you set signature lock in your mobile phone in hindi. So if you want to know it in a simple way I suggest you to watch the video. If you don't know hindi don't worry you can also use signature lock if you read this article carefully. 

I am 100% sure that after reading this article you are able to set signature lock in your Android phone. 

Steps to be followed. 

1 First of all you have to download a app. The name of that app is Guesture lock screen. 

2  install the app. 

3 open the app. 

4  you have to create your guesture. That means your  signature lock and scroll for next page. 

5  you have to create a recovery password and scrool for next page. 

In the cas if you forget the guesture / signature lock then you can use your recovery paasword to unlock your device. 

6  you have to give him permission of notification access and then scrool for next page. 

7 You have to give him permission of permit drawing over other apps and then  press ok. 

8 After pressing ok you have a lot of options now I am telling you which options are important. 

  1. Click on enable guesture. If it is disable. 
  2. Enable invisible guesture for security purpose. 
  3. You can set guesture colour that means signature colour. 
  4. You can also change your recovery paasword at any time. 
  5. You can also enable fingerprint option. If supported. 
  6. You can set a background of your choice for signature lock. 

After doing all the following steps  you are 100% able to use signature lock on your Android phone. I am also using this app for signature lock. 

2nd method. 

How to set signature lock on Android phone? 

you have to install a new app. Which is similar to the 1st app. Click here to download the app. 

After installing this app you have to give him all permission and after giving permission you can set your signature lock. You have to create a paascode which is used to unlock your phone when you forget the signature. 

Some important setting of this app. 

  1. Enable / disable guesture. ( this depends upon you if you want to disable guesture/ signature lock for sometime then you can use this setting. 
  2. preview lock screen. ( you can check your guesture lock by this option. 
  3. Emergency unlock by volume key. ( This is a very useful feature of this app if you are so busy and forget password then you can open your mobile by volume key. 
  4. Change wallpaper. (You can change your wallpaper for signature lock.) 
  5. Live wallpapee. ( you can also set live wallpaper in your mobile for signature lock. 

These are the important settings. 

This totally depends upon you how you want to use this app. 

But I can say that after doing these 2 methods you are 100% eligible to set your signature lock. 

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