Top 10 high paying skills in india in 2021.

If you want to know about the top 10 high paying skills in india in 2021 then please read this full article.

Top 10 high paying skills in india in 2021.
Top 10 high paying skills in india.

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I am going to tell you about top 10 highly profitable skills to make money online. 

If you want to earn money online on this time then you have must to know one high paying skills. Without skills you are not able to earn money online.

If you have no any skills and no any knowledge then read this article. How can a student earn 20k to 50k per month.

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Top 10 high paying skills in india.


You also know that, billions of people's use social media like Facebook, Instagram,twitter and many more. Thus it's clear that if any company disregards social media marketing. It will only lead to losing opportunity for brand building. This makes the social media marketing very important.

Every bussiness have their own business social media handles and along with that they needs to constantly active on it. Then the company needs a professional social media marketing experts to mange their social media accounts.


Where to learn social media marketing.

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Digital marketing is one of the highest paying jobs in india. Digital marketing is all about using digital technologies, channels and tractrics to market products and services to a relevant audience.

The main objective of a digital marketer is to create brand  awarness and convert content developed as a part of content marketing retual to sales using search engine optimization and verious other relevant digital technologies. this is same like social media marketting.

Average salary of a digital marketer is 30k per month

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3 copywritting

copywritting is a specialized form of writting that is intended to sell a product.

there are examples of copywritting all over the web.if the words are designed to inform then it is a form of copywritting. this is a very relevant skill and related to mainly skills mentioned in this article.

How you can learn this skill?

there are a lot of companies and organisation that teach copywriting on the web. In fac some of them even offer certification, which are useful when starting as a novoice copywritter.

Average salary depends upon your work quality.

4 Content creation or content marketting

content creation is when you write informative content and sell the content itself or sell advertising on the site you have created for. it is actually what  many people think of, like blogging.

How you can use this skill?

if you can write compeling content that will bring people to your website to sell them ebooks, or advertising on your site. note: This is  closely linked to affliate marketting but the differnce here is that the content you are selling is your work, not the work of others.

How you can learn this skills?

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5 Online course creation.

if you are professinal in any field then you can create your own courses. but do notcopy any other courses information, first learn and then you can start this work.

6 Graphic  Designer 

graphic designer createthe visual elements of both online and offline advertisements.

they are the logodesigner, banner designer. Graphic design requires some artistic talent.Graphic Designers help small bussiness to grow easily to create a very attractive logo and banner for advertisements.

How can you use this skill?

graphic design is a highly marketable skill. you can start freelancing or workig for a add agency, newspaper and magazines.


A web designer creates webite using one of the website builders such as wordpress, wix, or many others. they do not make custom css or javascripts.

web designer is just like graphic sedigner but there is a defference that is web designer does not have to create their images.

How you can learn this 

There are multiple online courses and each indivisual website building platform will usually have free tutorials on how to use their software. there may be classes at your local community collage avialable.

How you can use this skill?

you can start freelancing or you can start your own agency who creates webites for bussiness, schoos and many more.

8 Web Developer

web developers are the technical gurus behind websites. they used various code programs to build a website, they do not used any website builder to create one. 

How you can learn this skill.

There are a lot of online classes which teaches you the web development. 

How you can use this skill

Again, this is an excellent skill for freelancers. there are also some companies that hire web developers.

9 Affliate marketting 

Affliate marketting is what most people think of when they consider making money online.

Affliate marketting occurs when you receive a commission for selling someone else product or service online. 

when we talk about affliate marketting then you only think amazon and flipkart but there are a lot of affliate company.

there are two types of products for affliate marketting.

a) physical product commission upto 10%

b) digital product commission upto 90%

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How you can learn this

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How you can use this skill

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10 Software Developer 

software developers create softwares for computer. this is a  very high paying skills at this time. 

How you can learn this

you can buy online courses from any best platforms, or you can do it at your near by institute.

How you can use this skill

you can create your own software or you can work as a coder on different companies or you can work as a freelancer.