If you are searching for a editing software for your low end pc then you are at the right place.

Best editing software for low end pc, low end pc ka best editing software

Hello friends. 

Welcome to my new blog. In this blog. I will try to give you a best editing software for low end pc. 

If you have a pc in which there are only 2 to 4gb ram then you can not use filmora9 Or filmora 10 smoothly. But you can use this software very well. Because this software is mainly design for low end pc. 

There are also some advantages and  disadvantages. 

I will tell you full details so please read this article carefully. I think after reading this whole article you can easily decide this is best for you or not. 

If you want to know about it in hindi then you can watch the video which is embeded below. 

Best editing software for low end pc.

So without wasting mire time let's get started. 

1 What is the name of this editing software? 

Answer-:  The name of that editing software is moviavi. 

 Click here to download the set-up file. ( but after reading full article because you have to follow some steps.) 

Steps to be followed. 

1 click on download link and download that setup file. 

2 close your windows defender for some time because it may break some files. 

3 you have to install a extractor (you can use winrar, this is a very good extractor.) 

4 right click on the setup file and click on extract to moviavi. After deactivating your windows defender. 

5 give the permission.. Don't skip the permission. This is a important permission. 

6 click on the next button

7 you can read all shortcut keys or again click on the next. 

8 then there is a important process you have to click on  cng in the language  program box.  And then click on the next. 

9 you can change the destination (optional) 

10 your installation is started. It may take minimum 5 to 10 minutes. Depends upon the pc performance.

If you want that I will teach you full editing through this software. 

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Before installing this software please read the advantages and disadvantages of this software in below part of this blog. 

2 What is the advantages of this software? 

Answer-: a) The interface of this software is just like filmora 10.

b) this software is working very well in your computer if your computer has 2gb ram. 

C)  the minimum system requirement is only approximately 200mb.

3 what is disadvantages of this software? 

Answer-: The disadvantage of this software is that it may take a long time to export the video. If you have a graffick card then you have no any disadvantages. 

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