How can a student earn 20k to 50k per month.

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How can a student earn 20k to 50k per month.
How to earn 20k to 50k per month for students, housewife and many more.

Hello everyone.

My name is amar deep and I am going to tell you how can you earn 20k to 50 k per month while using social media.

If you are not from india then this blog is not for you.

If you are a girl then you also do this work don't think that you will not able to do it. 

If you are a social media influencer then it is very easy for you.

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So without wasting more time.

Let's get started.

Q-: How to earn money online for students?

Ans-: if you are a student, then this blog is specifically for you. The most affective way of earning online money is affliate marketing.

If you don't know what is affliate marketing. Don't worry I will solve all of your questions in this blog.

Q-: What is affliate marketing?

Ans-: Affliate marketing is a program which helps you to earn money online. In affliate marketing first of all you have to select a niche. Just like physical products or digital products. If you are a affliate marketer for physical products then you are not able to earn a lot of money, but if you want to earn 20k to 50k per month then you have to start affliate marketing with digital products.

Just like any courses.

1) Got enroll,

2) Promote.

3) Earn commission.

Q-: Which affliate program is best for digital products?

Ans-: Leadsguru has the best affliate program.

Leadsguru is a e-learning platform which provides you a opportunity to earn money online. There are a lot of persons that makes a lot of amounts by this platform. Leadsguru platform is a very best platform for students, housewife, or for any one who wants to earn a passive income.

If you want to start don't forget to send me a massage on whatsapp by clicking on whatsapp icon, our team will guide you and also we will help you to earn money online by affliate marketing very easily.

Q-: Why I choose leadsguru?

Ans-: 1) 90% commission.

          2) Same day payout. ( If your sale is done before 6 pm then you will get tha payment till night at the same day.)

          3) Weekly training from achievers.

          4) Training by the best trainers in that field.

          5) you can start with a very small amount.

The most important thing is that you have to invest money on your skills. This platform is a e-learning platform which provides a new opportunity to earn money.

          6) National trip.

          7) Free promotion. ( If you crossed any milestone you will get promotion for free on every social media platforms and also in all private whatsapp group.)

          8) 2 tier passive income.

If you also want to earn money online. 

If you do not want to invest money then massage me I have a free plan for you. Massage me your name and write start without investment.

There is a very important thing, that is you have to invest a very small amount of money. 

You can see there are two types of courses in leadsguru.

1) Silver-: in silver course you will get some high paying skills courses. 

  1. Affliate marketing mastery.
  2. Instagram marketting mastery.
  3. Social media marketing mastery.

You will get all three courses only in 2300₹. 

The actual price is above to 10k but if you are purchasing the course with my link you will get a 80% off.

                              Buy the course.

2) Gold -: in gold course you will get a very big amounts of  valuable courses.

  1. All silver courses free as a bonus.
  2. Advanced Affliate marketing course.
  3. Content creation course.
  4. Sales funnel mastery.
  5. Video editing mastery.
  6. Facebook ads mastery.
  7. Email marketing mastery.
  8. Freelancing for all.

                             Buy the course.

Commission module-: 

1) If you are a silver user.

You will get 1500₹ on each sale made by you. If your any referal sales any course then you will get also a passive income. 2 tier passive income.

If you are a silver user and sell gold course  you will get the same amount.

2) If you are a good user.

You will get 1600₹ on each silver sale and 2700₹on each gold sale. If you are started with gold you will also enjoy more profits if your referal sales any course. You will earn money by 2tier income.

If you want to start working on the leadsguru platform.

Then send me a massage on whatsapp, I am interested to join your team. My all team members helps you to earn money online. 

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Send me your name and then write I am interested to join leadsguru.

Don't forget you have to invest a very little amount of money.

If you check the original price of these courses on other platforms you will have to pay a big amount and they do not give you any opportunities to earn money online, but leadsguru makes it possible.

The most asked questions.

Q-: Why company gives us a very huge amount of money as commission?

Ans-:  This is a digital product not a physical products that means company creat a course only at once and they do not  deliver this course on your addres that means the company has not any cost after making courses. They take 10% for managing the website and for all the workers who work on this platform.

You can visit the official website of leadsguru.

You will also see the certificate of leadsguru. It is a government cerifified company.

Visit official website for more information.

Thanks for reading.

Don't forget you will not able to earn money online without investment.

If you do not take risk you will not achieve your goals. Remind it.

Start your online business. 

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How can a student earn money online.

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