How to add whatsapp button in blogger.

Add whatsapp button in blogger, how to add whatsapp button in blogger, whatsapp button blogger, if you are trubled that how to perform this action then you are at the right place.

How to add whatsapp button in blogger.
How to add whatsapp icon to your website.

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In this article I am going to tell you how to embed whatsapp icon to your website/ blog.

If you are also want to do same just you see on my website. You can directly massage me on whatsapp by clicking on whatsapp icon which is embeded on my website. After reading this full article carefully, you are able to embed whatsapp icon to your website.

So let's start.

a) First of all you have to download a code.(I will tell you how to download the code in the below part of this blog.)

b) Change the whatsapp number from the code.

c) If you are using blogger then open blogger dashboard. And if you are using wordpress then you can open wordpress dashboard.

d) Go to theme options.

e) Click on edit html option on blogger and same on wordpress.

f) Find head tag.tag. In any templete for blogger user it may be on 7th or 8th line and in wordpress you can easily go to head section.

g) Paste the code after changing the number just after head tag.

Now the whatsapp icon is embeded on your website.

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