How to make ringtone of your name.

How to make ringtone of your name, how to create name ringtone, if you all want to know more about this then you are at the right place.Read more

How to make ringtone of your name.
How to make ringtone of your name.

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In this blog. I am going to tell you how can you create your name ringtone in just 2 minutes. I think this blog is very informative and useful. So please share this blog with your friends and family. Your one share motivate us to write more useful blogs.

So without wasting more time.

Let's get started.

Steps to be followed.

    1. Open any browser.
    2. Search
    3. Search your name in search box.(if any ringtone is already makes for your name then that is listed below. If the ringtone of your name does not exist then don't worry.

  1. Click on create a ringtone. You have to fill a form.
  2. Enter your name.(you can type anything that you want.)
  3. Choose massage type. You can type your custom massage. Just like.pick up the call. Attend call and so on that you want to set.
  4. Choose ring type. You can also choose iphone tone in your name ringtone.
  5. Click on download ringtones.
  6. Click on 1st download link if you are using android.
  7. Click on 2nd link if you are using iphone.
  8. After clicking on the suitable link. Your ringtone is downloaded.
  9. Open your file manager.
  10. Find this ringtone.
  11. By selecting this sound click on set as ringtone.

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I will craete a ringtone of your name for you 

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