Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Know About

Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Know About

In this guide, we are going to know about some interesting Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Know About. Windows 11 will be keeps rolling out new features every month with new updates and patches. With the new OS by Microsoft brings a host of improvements over its predecessor and new features in Windows 11 like Snap Layouts, a new Microsoft Store, a redesigned Start menu and taskbar, and many more.

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Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Know About

  • Some interesting clipboard history features
  • Multitasking features
  • Voice Typing
  • Windows Backup options
  • Adjust volume for individual apps opened on desktop
  • Background apps permission
  • Better security
  • Device Usage
  • Focus mode within the clock app
  • Estimated “Time to update”
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux.\

Some interesting clipboard history features

Windows 11 Tips and Tricks
Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

Windows 11 has a new and improved Clipboard History feature. The Clipboard now has some nice and chance functions integrated within, such as Emoji’s, GIFs, Symbols, Kaomoji, etc. You can simply enable your Clipboard History by going to the Settings > System > Clipboard section. Then, you can access Clipboard items by pressing Windows+V hotkey.

In the Clipboard History window, you will see several integrated features like GIFs, Emoji’s, etc. You can use these items in your write-ups whenever you want.

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Multitasking features

Windows 11 has some improvements in its multitasking features. We have already talked about the Snap Layouts feature that allows you to handle multiple Windows at a time. Apart from this, you can also show browser tabs in the Alt+Tab menu.

You can choose if you want to open windows and all tabs in Microsoft Edge, open windows and some recent tabs in Microsoft Edge, or open windows only.

Apart from this, there is a Title bar window shake (Aero Shake) feature using which you can grab a window’s title bar and shake it to minimize all other opened windows on your desktop.

To use these features, open the Settings app by pressing Windows+I hotkey and then navigate to the System > Multitasking section.

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Voice Typing

Windows 11 Tips and Tricks
Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

Voice typing (or voice to text) is a great feature that many don’t know Windows 11 supports. The Voice dictation is supported on every app and software where you need to type. Here’s how to use this feature:  

Simply press “⊞Windows + H” to see the voice typing pop-up come up. Now, speak out whatever you want to type, and it will accurately transcribe your speech, that too with correct punctuation.

Windows Backup options

Windows 11 Tips and Tricks
Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

In the new Settings app on Windows 11, you will see a new Windows Backup options page. You can find the backup options under Settings > System > Storage > Advanced storage settings > Backup options. You can directly sync your folders to OneDrive. Plus, you can also use handy features like Remember my apps and remember my preferences.

Adjust volume for individual apps opened on desktop

Windows 11 Tips and Tricks
Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

The Volume Mixer feature in Windows is now available in the Settings > System > Sound section. It is the same feature that enables you to adjust system sound levels. However, if you didn’t know, you can now adjust the volume on an individual app basis.

Simply open Settings and go to System > Sound and click on Volume Mixer. After that, under the Apps section, you can see the volume slider for individual apps that you have currently opened. You will now be able to adjust the volume for each app as you want.

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Background apps permission

You can also select the background apps that can use certain permissions on your Windows 11 PC. These permissions may include Location, Camera, Voice activation, Microphone, Contacts, Calendar, etc. For setting background apps permissions, go to Settings > Privacy & security and scroll down to the App permissions section. You can choose certain permission and then enable/ disable the permission for specific apps.

Better security

Since the news of Windows 11 OS has come out, we all have been hearing how Windows 11 has greater built-in security requirements including secured core PCs and TPM. There are various handy Privacy and security settings in Windows 11 that help you secure your PC. Some of these features include secure sign-in options, Device Security features, built-in security tools and features, data encryption, app launch tracking function, feature to log out when you’re away, and many more. These options make sure that you have a great Windows 11 experience without compromising on security.

Device Usage

Device usage is a small but effective feature. In case you didn’t know, it allows you to tell the system how you plan to use it to get personalized tips and recommendations. You can select more than one use cases for your device that may include Gaming, Family, Creativity, Business, Entertainment, etc. You can access this setting by going to Settings > Personalization > Data usage.

Focus mode within the clock app

Windows 11 Tips and Tricks
Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

The new Clock app in Windows 11 comes with a Focus Session mode. This mode enables users to focus on their work, monitor time spent on a particular task, take a break from work after a time interval, and more. If you are workaholic, you can make use of the feature to enhance your productivity.

Estimated “Time to update”

Windows 11 will now estimate that how much time will be required to install certain updates on your PC. Although we can’t test how accurate the estimated update time is, it still can give you an idea of how long an update will take to install. So, you know whether you can update your PC instantly or wait for active hours to finish. You can also schedule the update after active hours.

This feature is expected to roll out soon as new updates in Windows 11 unfold.

Windows Subsystem for Linux.

The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in Windows 11 lets the developers run a GNU/Linux environment and explore the Linux OS. WSL is now available in the Microsoft Store from where you can get it.

In this post, we have covered some simple and some not so simple Windows 11 Tips and Tricks to improve your computing & browsing experience and increase your productivity. If you wish to know about all the new upcoming Windows 11 features, we are working on a detailed article on the same, so stay tuned. Until then, if you are looking for the Windows 11 Keyboard shortcuts that can enhance your productivity, make sure to check our in-depth article. And if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below.

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